Degrees and Awards


The FPP recognizes its members for their achievements and contributions to the industry. The medallions you see some of them wearing are not worn to “show off” their photographic prowess, but instead are worn with humility as a servant of the association. They signify the members desire to give back and to mentor our other members.  Feel free to approach our degreed members with questions.

These four degrees are earned through either a ‘merit’ or ‘point’ system. Service Merits are earned by volunteering, speaking, and judging, while Exhibition Merits are earned through competition. Points are earned through attendance at various functions. Below is a more in depth description of these awards and how each are earned.


FSA - Green Ribbon

FSA - Green Ribbon

Florida Service Award

Merits towards your FSA are earned by working on or chairing committees, writing articles for the magazine, speaking, judging, or volunteering to assist the FPP with various duties and responsibilities. You must accumulate a total of thirty (30) FPP Service Merits for the FSA.

FED - Red Ribbon

FED - Red Ribbon

Florida Education Degree

The FED is earned by the accumulation of points, not merits. Points are earned by attending the annual convention, school, and seminars hosted by the FPP, as well as the PPA and SEPPA convention. A total of 35 points are required to earn the FED.

FDPE - Light Blue Ribbon

FDPE - Light Blue Ribbon

Florida Degree of Photographic Excellence

The FDPE is a degree earned primarily through the FPP’s annual image competition. A total of thirty (30) merits are required, with a minimum of 16 earned through competition (scoring 80 or higher). The remaining 14 merits may be service merits or competition merits.

FDAE - Gold Ribbon

FDAE - Gold Ribbon

Florida Degree of Artistic Excellence -

The FDAE is also earned through competition, but only through images entered in the Electronic Artistry category. A total of thirty (30) merits are required, with a minimum of 16 earned through competition (scoring 80 or higher). The remaining may be either service merits or competition merits (in the EA category).

Twenty Merit Bars
After an award or degree has been earned and presented, our members continue to compete and continue to serve. The Twenty Merit Bars are presented for every twenty merits one earns above and beyond their respective degrees.


How to earn merits

One Merit: Committee worker (for Workshops, Convention or Seminar, limit 2 per convention), Speaker at a Section meeting/Mini Seminar (limit 1 time per year at your own); Judge at a Section meeting (limit 1 per section per year; no merits for judging at your own); Guest Speaker at an FPP accredited photographic school, Section Officer (5 per section), Section Outstanding Service Award, Section Newsletter/Webmaster, Section Delegate (must attend 1 meeting, can’t combine Sections), FPP Mentor (per student), PPA Super Monday Instructor, PPA Councilor attending PPA Nat’l Council Meeting,  Article published in a recognized photographic publication (minimum 500 words – limit 4 merits per year)

Two Merits: FPP Platform Speaker (Convention or Seminar), Committee Chairman(for Convention, Workshops, Seminar), FOCUS Webmaster, 4th year salon committee worker,  Illustrated article published in a recognized photographic publication (minimum 500 words – limit of 4 merits a year for articles)

Three Merits: Section President, Convention Speaker Support Chairman; Convention Committee Chairman; Florida School Director Assistant; Florida School instructor, Fall/Spring Seminar Chairman (each event, Convention Asst. Manager, FPP Salon Judge/Moderator at annual Convention

Four Merits: FPP Board of Director; FPP Webmaster, FPP Executive Director

Five Merits: FPP VP, FPP Secretary/Treasurer, Florida Professional Workshops Director, Convention Manager, Trade Show Manager, Competition Manager

Six Merits: President of the FPP