Benefits of Membership


FOCUS Annual Convention

Discounted admission to FOCUS, our Annual Convention.  The three day convention is held in Orlando and features up to a dozen speakers. The purpose is to provide its membership with the most exciting educational opportunity possible. A Vendor Showcase, Image Competition, Awards Presentation, Parties, and Fellowship all culminate in bringing together like-minded photographers and studio owners to learn from each other and share their knowledge in helping to elevate the industry we all love.


Florida Photography Workshops

The Florida Photography Workshops are held each June in Daytona, hosted by Daytona State College. It is a PPA Affiliated School, providing 26 hours of intense hands-on instruction over four days with one talented instructor of your choice. You will spend the entire time with your choice of one of six to ten nationally known instructors covering everything from lighting and posing to marketing and sales, to business, Photoshop, and workflow tricks.  FPP members receive a discount and the ability to use a payment plan.


Educational Seminars

Twice a year, in the Spring and in the Fall, the FPP sponsors a full day seminar at incredibly low prices for its membership. The seminars feature a well known industry professional who will share their knowledge. They are also centrally located in the state to try to accommodate as many members as possible.


Image Competition

The FPP Annual Image Competition is hosted during convention, providing its members with an educational opportunity like no other.  Sit in salon and listen as the judges discuss and critique the images during scoring. Ask any professional photographer and they will all tell you that if you want your imagery to improve, compete, listen to the critiques and earn the credentials you deserve.



The FPP’s degree program allows its members to earn merits towards designations and degrees that are easily marketed to your clientele. The Florida Service Award recognizes service to the industry; the Florida Education Degree recognizes your commitment to furthering your education; and the Florida Degree of Photographic Excellence and the Florida Degree of Artistic Excellence reward members for top quality imagery through image competition.