FPP Organization 

There are many components that make up the organizational structure of the FPP. These documents assist in governing the association and are made available here for the membership.

Click any of the following links to download a PDF of each document.

FPP Bylaws

FPP Rules and Regulations

FPP Articles of Incorporation
(Amended August, 2011)

PPA Affiliation Family Tree

The FPP is just one branch of a professional hierarchy in the photographic industry. In the "trickle up" explanation, it would begin with your local guild, section or affiliate.

There are several professional photography associations called "sections" or "guilds" within the state of Florida. Each has earned the distinction of being called an "Affiliate" of the FPP. Some are also separately affiliated with PPA (Professional Photographers of America).

The FPP is a state organization which is an "affliliate" of the  national (PPA) organization.

PPA (Professional Photographers of America) is our national organization and the largest photographic association in the world.

Each of these organizations work together to assist its members in achieving their business and artistic goals. To become a member in one will likely lead to becoming a member in all of them. 

We're just one big 'ol happy family!

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