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What? Spring Seminar
When? Sunday, March 5, 2017, 9am-5pm
Where? Florida Hotel, 1500 Sand Lake Rd, Orlando
Who? Al Behnke
How Much? See Below...


FPP/PPA Members $109  / NON-FPP Members $149 if pre-registered by Monday, February 27.

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FPP/PPA Members $139  / NON-FPP Members $169


Al Behnke



Al Behnke

"You Can't Photograph Clients You Don't Have."
Marketing Strategies in the Digital Age

We all know that no matter how great your photography is, marketing is what gets clients into your studio. As the photographic industry gets more and more saturated with start-up studios, it’s important to set yourself apart from the pack.  More than ever, adapting to the age of digital marketing has become a necessity for photographers.

Al will discuss the 3 main marketing strategies that Behnke Photographers uses to get clients into their studio. He will show you how the Behnkes use hands-on marketing campaigns and partnership marketing to engage with new clients and keep their studio in the public eye. In addition, and perhaps most importantly, he will discuss how the Behnkes use social media marketing as a tool to engage with prospective and current clients to keep them coming back year after year.

Sometimes all it takes is a willingness to connect with people to succeed!


PPA members: this is a Continuing Education System Seminar-- all PPA members will receive a PPA Merit for attending!

Al Behnke holds PPA's Craftsman Degree and is a third-generation photographer specializing in weddings and events with Behnke Photographers in Frankfort, IL. With a degree in Marketing and PR from Stetson University in DeLand, FL, he is also serves on the staff of PPA Charities and is the current chair of PPA's Online Content Committee.

I have a background in Public Relations and as a working photographer, I have seen first-hand how difficult it can be for studios to not just get off the ground, but to keep an upward trajectory as the times change. My goal is to help studios, big and small, get more customers through the door and to keep those customers for a lifetime. Through press release writing, social media upkeep, blogging, event and promotional creation, and effective e-mail marketing, I aim to help studios succeed in the ever-changing world of digital photography. Our studio has been around for nearly 60 years thanks to our aggressive marketing and social media plans. Our ideas and execution are meant to keep your studio thriving for years to come!


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